Sunday, August 23, 2009

August 23

We have had another lovely day here. We started out by going to church with a blogging friend. The service was wonderful and it was so nice to meet Renee and family in person.
We then went to the United States Air Force Academy and were able to walk around their beautiful grounds.
This is their chapel. We were able to go inside also. Each section you see on the outside, has a strip of stained glass running on either side when you go inside. It is truly beautiful.

After we finished at the Air Force Academy, we went to the US Olympic training Center. This statue is at the front of the building. It was fun walking around there, seeing the flags of all the countries along with the torches for three recent Olympics.


Cherdecor said...

You are really getting to see some very pretty sites!

That chapel is amazing!

Musicaljean said...

I've been missing you! I just thought of checking this blog to find you. Great pictures! And it looks like you're having a wonderful time.

Susan said...

So beautiful and very impressive. Glad you are getting to see all this and that you met a blog friend :o)

Joanna Jenkins said...

The chapel is beautiful!
Glad to see you're taking in all the sights.
Have fun!

Flohbock said...

The church is very impressive!

Betty said...

What an amazing church! Have never seen anything like it.
Hope you are enjoying your travels!

SaraG said...

That chapel is just amazing. Such a beautiful building.
Take care and have some more FUN!!

bentonflocke said...

what a adventure - fantastic shots!

Aleta said...

Woah! That's a chapel? How Cool!