Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November 3

"November comes
And November goes.
With the last red berries
And the first white snows.

With night coming early,
And dawn coming late
And ice in the bucket
And frost by the gate.

The fires burn
and the kettles sing,
And earth sinks to rest
Until next Spring"

- Elizabeth Coatsworth


Kathy said...

Red berries surely means the coming of winter.

Jill said...

That is one gorgeous picture!

S. Etole said...

Perfect illustration for that poem!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Gorgeous photo, Mari-- As soo as I saw it I could almost smell the freshness of Fall. Nice.
xo jj

Ana said...

Ode to red.
This is a great picture!!

Nezzy said...

Sweetie, that was really great 'till I got to the 'S' word! Heehehehe!!!

'Just kiddin'. I loved both the prose and the beautiful picture that framed it.

God bless and have a wonderful weekend dear Mari! :o)

Shelly said...

Love the poem and that berry picture is AMAZING!!!!!

Oz Girl said...

The photo and the poem go together so well... love the water droplets on the berries, another beautiful photo Mari! :-)

lioneagle said...

Hi Mari -

That is O so rich. Beautiful.

Thank you, Mari, for sharing!

bentonflocke said...

wonderful captured

Glenda said...

Wow!! Great photography, Mari! Your photos would be wonderful on a calendar or greeting cards.