Thursday, October 25, 2012

October 25

It's been a windy day and the leaves are coming down!


Kathy said...

Many of our leaves are coming down too and we don't even have fall color yet! I looked back at last year's autumn pictures and our peak was mid-December! We are due for a heavy frost tonight, however, so perhaps that will hasten the turning of the leaves. I'm glad I don't have to rake all these in your photo!

Kerin said...

Oh, Mari..
you've captured such a beautiful picture of Fall!
I love the leaves!!

Thanks for sharing.

Warm wishes..

Anonymous said...

This photo brings back fond memories from childhood of playing in the leaves!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Mari, I just stopped by to visit from Fearfully, Wonderfully Made. This pic is so beautiful. I had remembered your blog from the past, so I wanted to check in with you.

I am so glad I checked out your photos, and that cheesecake you posted on the recipe blog looks yummy, even now! :)

Anonymous said...

We still have a lot of leaves still hanging on, but they're definitely starting to fall... sad to see them go!

I hear on TWC that the Great Lakes are expecting record waves, today due to Sandy & all the havoc she's wreaking. =0

Lauren Davenport said...

What a lovely autumn day :)