Sunday, January 11, 2009

January 11

As I drove home from work today, big snowflakes were floating down from the sky. It's been snowing every day, and snow is predicted for the next week. This is our front walk, which you can also see pictured on January 4 before the snow started again. Our little lights may soon be buried!


Susan said...

Nice picture! It's cold here but no snow. Tuesday is only supposed to be in the teens. My theory is: If it's going to be cold, there should be snow on the ground, otherwise it better be at least 50 degrees. I guess nature dosen't agree with me.

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Penless Thoughts said...

That's a lot of snow!

darla said...

i can't believe all the snow! but it's really cool that i actually get to see it here from Texas- since we've had sunshine everyday!

LuLu said...

stay warm! It looks beautiful from here!!

LuAnn said...

Hi Mari-
Beautiful Picture today. Check my site - I gave you an award today.