Saturday, January 24, 2009

January 24

Today the cub scouts came to the Nursing home to make snowmen. They made three of them them on the patio which is off our dining room. This way the residents were able to watch them playing in the snow, and each time they go to a meal, will see those snowmen outside.
They love to see kids, but were quite worried about them being out in the cold! (it was about 13 degrees this morning)


These boys were busy making a mini snowman.

They had fun making this snowman who they said was tired, so he was laying down.


I think this one is quite cute. He quite short - about 4 feet, but is wider than he is tall!
We really appreciate volunteers like this who come and spend a little time making our residents happy!


LuAnn said...

Those are great !!! I bet people will enjoy those. Happy Weekend!!

Susan said...

What a nice thing. The kids have a ball and the nursing home people are blessed. I love win-win situations.

Dot O said...

Great photographs! Very ingenious snowmen - especially the "tired" one!

Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my neck of the woods. Now you have to share some of your freckled faces!

All My Blessings said...

These are the coolest snowmen I've ever seen...Kae

Kari said...

Nice pictures. The snow looks so white! I've never been in snow - that much snow anyway. Looks like the kids had fun.

SuzyHomemaker said...

Love these snowmen! The one lying down reminds me of the snowmen that Calvin from "Calvin and Hobbes" makes. Good for the Scouts!

Sara G said...

WOW, those are great photo's. They had fun making them and the residents on the nursing home will enjoy seeing them each day!!
Take care.

Renee said...

Oh that looks like so much fun! I wish we had snow to make snowmen. All we have is rain and cold temps :-(

Алекс said...

i like it!!