Friday, February 6, 2009

February 6

What a beautiful day! The sun is shining and it's warmer! I think we were supposed to hit 40 today and that's a veritable heatwave.
It makes it so much easier to walk when it's not so cold out. I take my camera out with me every time I walk because you never know when you will see a picture waiting to be taken.
This wooded area is down the street from my house and I thought it looked pretty in the sun, with the shadows falling on the snow.


Dot O said...

Very pretty! Nice to hear warmth is on the way. Now you can actually feel your finger pushing the shutter button on your camera!

Andrew Bruins said...

That's a very cool picture

~Just Me Miranda~ said...

Thats a very nice shot!

darla said...

gorgeous! have you always taken such great pictures?

LuAnn said...

Just another great shot of the Lord's creation!

Sara G said...

Beautiful photo!!
Thanks for sharing.

Christine said...

That is a beautiful picture.
Thanks for always encouraging me with your comments. You are a sweetheart and I always look forward hearing from you. And even though I don't comment everyday, I enjoy your photos and look forward to seeing what has been a blessing to you.
God bless you, dear one.

Susan said...

What kine of trees are those? They are so thin.

SuzyHomemaker said...

Gorgeous light and shadows! Beautiful.