Friday, May 1, 2009

May 1

No rain today! It's still cool and not too sunny but good enough weather to be outside. Bob is working on a new flower bed on the other side of our front walk. It angles out near the driveway, which will give us a place to put up a flagpole. We currently have a flag hanging by our front door but have always wanted a pole. It'll look nice when he is done!


Jennifer said...

We have an open house coming up so if he gets done and is wanting more practice send him on over. Our yard needs some love.

Kelly's Ideas said...

I love the walkway.

I'm playing a fun little game of tag.. Name 8 things. I have tagged you with a link to your blog.

Hope you can play.


Sara G said...

Can't wait to see the finish pic!
We just love our flag pole!!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Great photo!!

Susan said...

We have a large pole and flag and just love it. He's really working hard and it's already looking nice.

Darla said...

that WILL be nice!

bentonflocke said...

Can´t wait to see how it´ll turn out!!

Sure it will be great!

Wonderful picture

Cherdecor said...

I love your brick walk! This is going to be a beautiful spot when he gets done.

Sujomi (SuzyH) said...

Tell him to keep up the good work! Bet it will look great when you are finished.

TJ said...

Looks very nice - I'm sure once you get flowers planted it will be beautiful. Don't forget to post that picture.

Courtney said...

yay for summer!