Saturday, July 11, 2009

June 11

Last night we went to the surprise 50th birthday party of our friend Lori. Her hubby had a small decoy party last week so she was surprised by this one!

Here are a few funny statements from one of her cards.
50 is a long time! Did you realize that when you were a kid:
Remote meant a secluded spot, off the beaten path
Cable was something that supported a bridge
A video game was trying to make out the snowy images on a 10 inch black and white tv screen
A cell phone was for your one phone call from jail
A calculator was who you hired to do your taxes
An airbag was some guy who talked too much.

A lot has changed in 50 years!


Darla said...

haha, those are good, and that cake looks delicious!

TJ said...

I agree. I was talking with someone yesterday about carbon paper. Kids today would say "WHAT". You've got to be kidding. We've come a long way..

Anonymous said...

That cake looks yummy! Glad you had a great time!


Joanna Jenkins said...

That's one great looking cake!
And 50 years ago there were no Post-its, fax machines, iPods, Facebooks or laptops. How did we EVER survive :-)

Happy rest of your weekend.

Alan said...

Great picture and I love the comments.

Susan said...

As the card how times have changed!!!

Susan said...

Those "facts" are just too funny. Wonderful cake and picture to remember the special occasion.

Sara G said...

The cake looks awesome!!
Great photo and post.

Anonymous said...

Is it bad luck to have some of the candles unlit? lol Luscious looking cake. Nice shot.

Michelle said...

What a hoot!